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Natural Beauty & Wellness products for
whole body, mind, and spirit healing.

Natural Skincare
Soaps, Cleansers, Creams, Lotions, Serums, Toners,
Astringents, Body Scrubs & Butters, Lip Balms &
Glosses, Bath Salts & Teas, Perfume Balms,
and more
Mineral Makeup
Loose Powder Foundations, Setting Powders,
Concealers, Eye Shadows, Blushes,
Bronzer/Shimmers, Eye & Lip Liners,
and other mineral products
Essential Oil Healthcare
High Quality Essential Oil Products,
Homeopathic Balms, Aromatherapy
Products, and more
Healing Tools
Energy Healing Salt Soaps, Gemstones, Faceted
Crystal Prisms, Salt Lamps, Engraved and Inscribed
Healing Stones, Color Therapy & Chakra Therapy Palm
Wax Candles, Aromatherapy Lamps & Oil Burners, Totem
Animal Carvings, Angel Gifts, and more
Divination Tools
Divination Card Decks, Meditation Card Decks,
Pendulums, Rune Sets, Wands, and more.
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Kris Ash, Owner
237 E. 5th St. #188 Eureka, MO 63025